Brooklyn cat kicker found and arrested on cruelty charges

A 21-year old man from Brooklyn who posted a video of himself kicking a harmless cat on a New York street was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, according to s report from the New York Daily News.

Andre Robinson posted the disturbing video to social media. The clip shows Robinson luring the stray cat with friendly petting. Then, the man violently kicks the cat into the air, and begins laughing.

The video caused a firestorm on Facebook and Twitter, as Internet users banded together to identify Robinson and bring the poor kitty to justice.

Although Robinson only spent one night in jail, the investigation into the case against him is still pending.

The kitty, referred to as King by neighborhood residents, was found and brought to an ASPCA hospital in Manhattan for evaluation. A team of animal rescue workers, along with North Shore Animal League, spent several hours attempting to coax the frightened cat into their care.

Hopefully King hasn’t suffered major injuries and will be put up for adoption in the near future. This cat deserves a loving home, far away from cold-hearted and cruel individuals like Robinson.

Warning: The below video might be disturbing for animal lovers.

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