10 Reasons Every Household Should Have a Dog

A wise writer once penned, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault really.” The bottom line is that dogs bring so much joy to our lives. Imagine what the world would be like if every household had a dog, especially if those households were ready for the commitment of having a dog. With that in mind, here are 10 reasons every dog-ready, yes I can afford it, responsible households should have a pooch:

The World Becomes a Brighter Place

The worst day ever is made oh-so-much better thanks to a wagging tail, soulful eyes, and the way a dog’s energy and vitality for life seemingly rubs off on us human counterparts. Better than antidepressants, they are an instant picker upper without the need for a prescription. Imagine a world where dogs are the cure to all ails: For many of us, present company included, canines come pretty darn close to a cure all for most things.

Exercise is Mandatory

Dogs make humans put down the remote and open the door to the outside world. The world beyond our abodes and interacting with humans and other dogs face to face has become less than the norm these days. How many dog moms and dog dads reading this have met someone, even if for an instant to say hello, because your dogs crossed paths? Dogs force us off our couches and around the block, into the back yard, visiting the dog park, or simply interacting with others outside our apartments.

Lifesaver and Hero Maker

Want to feel like a hero? How about saving a life? Walk into a shelter or log onto a local rescue or dog shelter website and save a dog on death’s doorstep. If every household had a dog, and every dog rescued was then spayed or neutered, the rewards are endless. Not only is the dog’s life saved, but many a rescuer has admitted the dog did the same for them. Be a hero, take a chance, and let a pooch put his paws around your heart.

Holidays are Never Lonely

If are one of those people who groans at the thought of fa la la and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, somehow dogs make it all seem worthwhile. You’ve gained an instant best friend and one who will never lie, gossip, disclose secrets, let you down, or be something he or she truly is not. Dogs are the real deal and they depend on us to care for them. The holidays are a whole light brighter, especially when shopping for presents (for the dog), writing out holiday cards (with the dog’s photo, of course), and attending pet-friendly gatherings and parties. Celebrate!

Instant Nurse

I do not know how I would have gotten through surgery without having my dog to cuddle and make sure I was “okay.” Whether it’s a cold, if your hair is a mess, you haven’t shaved for days, or you don’t feel like getting out of bed: A dog loves you unconditionally. This perhaps is one of the coolest rewards of pet ownership: The whole nonjudgmental, I love you regardless thing. Simply stated, dogs rock. They “get” us and love us anyway.’

New Challenges and Activities

From agility to flyball, dog show competitions to pet-friendly vacations, bringing a dog into your household means a whole set of new things to do exists. I love attending pet expos, traveling the country with my dog, and meeting new people and their pets along the way. My life would not be nearly as rich for having a canine by my side. Who knows, you might just want to pay it forward and get involved in pet rescue and fundraising. Goodness is contagious, as dogs can attest.

Empathy Immersion

Having a dog seems to have a ripple effect of empathy on most dog parents. I think to when Michael Vick was busted for his tortuous dog fighting ring. I wanted to learn more, do more, say something, and learn how I could prevent it. Somehow, having a dog in my life made it so much clearer to me that these problems and hateful behaviors exist. If every household had a dog in it, perhaps we would become a more empathetic, action-oriented, animal-loving society.

Career Time

Having a dog in your life might just open up a world of career opportunities. Many people are inspired to invent something or take on a new job challenge because a dog entered their life. From veterinarian to dog blogger, pet sitter to pet product sales person, the sky’s the limit. Dogs serve as inspiration on many levels, so why not em-”bark” on a new career challenge.

Increase Your Life Span

It has been proven that pets can help reduce feeling of stress, anxiety, and depression along with lowering blood pressure and reducing serious conditions like heart attack. Pets have a calming effect, even the notion of sitting calmly and stroking a dog’s back or petting his fur. If you knew something could add years of happiness to your life, isn’t that “something” worth having? Woof. Woof.

Add Structure and Routine

Dogs require regular physical and mental activity, feeding, water changes, and interaction. No matter how busy life gets, how many emails need to be answered, or how many Tweets you want to share: A dog requires you to put the device down and engage. You will have a reason for consistency and dogs are creatures of habit.

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