Household helpers for pet first aid

In addition to a well-stocked first-aid kit, these everyday items in your home can be helpful as you rush to the veterinarian for quick care, says Heather Loenser, D.V.M., a spokeswoman for the American Animal Hospital Association and senior emergency clinician at Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon, N.J.

Corn starch to stop the bleeding of a broken nail.

Chicken or tuna broth to dilute out toxins in the mouth caused from consuming poinsettias or jalapeno peppers.

Dawn dish soap to remove motor oil from pet fur, or dog flea preventatives that may accidently have been put on a cat.

Pantyhose or a necktie for an improvised muzzle if your dog is injured and may bite you out of fear when you pick him.

Contact lens solution to flush out a pet's eye if they are squinting after a fight or if dust or grass is trapped under the eyelid.

A sock and duct tape makes for an effective improvised bandage to protect bleeding paw pads.

A scarf can prevent blood splatter in your home or car if your dog has a bleeding ear. Since they tend to share their heads when their ears hurt (or bleed), tie it around his head, over the ear, to prevent a potential mess.

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