Smelly cat returned after parents claim 'he farts all the time'

Lenny the Cat

After raising quite a stink – literally, it’s been said – the saga of Lenny the farting cat has a happy ending. Whew!

From a Rochester, N.Y., shelter he’s been adopted anew after his previous “forever” home lasted just two days, reportedly because of too much “eeew.”

Bad rhyming aside, the story goes like this:

Lenny, a gorgeous Tuxedo cat was brought to Scottsville Veterinary Hospital and Pet Adoptions in February after living in a park for about a year. Nursed back to health, he was adopted out in March – only to be returned within 48 hours.

The reason: “He farts all the time,” the local newspaper quotes intake forms submitted by the two-day adopter.

"But since he's been back here, there haven't been any problems," Scottville’s adoptions directors Jessica Giehl told the Democrat & Chronicle. “But we did nickname him ‘Smelly Cat.’”

His tale first captured the attention of Rochester residents with a nose for news, then USA Today, and even media in Europe.

Maybe because of celebrity – or a healthier diet – the 19-month-old neutered male found a new forever home…and thus far, there are no reports of feline flatulence from his new pet parents.

But if that occurs, one must wonder: Isn’t home where is the fart is?