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POSTED: Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 6:54 AM
A hazmat worker prepares to put on protective gear outside of an apartment where a nurse diagnosed with the Ebola virus resides on October 13, 2014 in Dallas, Texas. A second health care worker who cared for Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan has now also tested positive for the virus. (Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images)

Here's your look at five stories we're following today:

1. Ebola: A second Texas healthcare worker who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first U.S. Ebola patient, has tested positive for the disease. Meanwhile, a union says nurses treating Duncan worked for days without proper protective gear. Closer to the Philadelphia region, local authorities say they are are keeping in close touch with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and area hospitals to prepare for any potential cases here, and a Penn doctor is headed to Liberia this week to help confront the crisis.

2. SRC fallout: In continued fallout from the School Reform Commission's decision to cancel Philadelphia teachers' contract, city labor leaders say they considered calling for a general strike to protest the move.

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POSTED: Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 5:00 AM
Cantilever and Steel Arch Bridge over the Niagara River, lantern slide from the Wagner Free Institute of Science.

1) You haven't wined and dined until you've wined and dined under the new $6 million ceiling in the Union League's grand ballroom, according to PlanPhilly. (Just remember to bring a blazer.)

2) So there is a tiny bird that European connoisseurs of haute cuisine — OK, mostly French chefs — want to eat after it was ordered off menus years ago. The ortolan is among the haughtiest things one could ever think of eating, as The New York Times reports. Diners are supposed to bite off the bird's head and gobble the rest in one bite — bones, organs and all.

3) That ever-fragile relationship between Temple students and their North Philadelphia neighbors is again up for debate in the hallowed halls of City Hall. The Temple News takes a look at proposed legislation.

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POSTED: Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6:47 AM
SEPTA logo on station entrance, Market Street.

Here's your look at five stories we're following today:

1. SEPTA contracts: SEPTA and its Regional Rail engineers have reached a tentative labor agreement, which would avert a strike by the engineers in February if ratified. Meanwhile, the union that represents the agency's bus, subway and trolley workers are set to resume negotiations with SEPTA today.

2. Camden demolitions: Camden is beginning a project to demolish about 600 vacant properties. The city is set to put out a request for bids today for the demolition of 61 properties in Whitman Park and three in Cramer Hill. A second phase, with the demolition of 534 buildings, will start in a few weeks.

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POSTED: Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6:25 AM
From the PAFA exhibit David Lynch: The Unified Field, the 2013 ink drawing “He Has His Tools and Chemicals”

1) Pennsylvania likely won't legalize ridesharing this year, reports Philly.

2) Filmmaker David Lynch draws inspiration from the horrors he witnessed during his days in Philadelphia. Phawker and Scrapple TV reflect on Lynch's recent visit to the city, when he expressed his sadness that the city is no longer a soot-stained miasma of crime and despair, and that his malevolent Rosebud has been rendered harmless and ordinary by gentrification.

3) ProPublica's risk analysis on young males killed by police certainly seems to support what has been an article of faith in the African American community for decades: Blacks are being killed at disturbing rates when set against the rest of the American population. 

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POSTED: Monday, October 13, 2014, 7:14 AM
YONG KIM / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Forriest keeps on singing.

Here's your daily look at five stories we're following:

1. Singing vet's leg stolen at Eagles game : A veteran who likes to croon outside Eagles games at the Linc was belting out a tune when someone stole the prosthetic leg hanging on his chair. last night. Luckily, it was recovered, a train ride away.

2. Eagles make a statement: The Eagles' crushing win over New York last night allayed the fears of many Philly fans. See stories, columnists and more on's equally crushing coverage. 

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POSTED: Monday, October 13, 2014, 7:14 AM
Philadelphia Community College's Chef John Olsen, white coat, teaches how to run a food truck to small group of students who want to be food truck operators. SPOT Burger chef/owner Josh Kim, at right is guest speaker. The only college program of its kind in the country. Wednesday, October 8, 2014. ( (Steven M. Falk)

1) ProPublica reports that a judge in Alabama with a religious fundamentalist's zeal has figured out a way to dismantle Roe v. Wade. At his swearing-in, he declared: “The very God of Holy Scriptures, the Creator, is the source of law, life, and liberty.”

2) Do vaccines work? There's certainly a movement that questions whether they are safe. Vox set out to find out just how effective they have been. This chart makes the case that the positive is overwhelming in terms of disease prevention.

3) A college for prospective food truck chefs. Read about chef John Olsen's "Introduction to Food Truck Entrepreneurship" course at CCP, the first college program of its kind in Pennsylvania.

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POSTED: Friday, October 10, 2014, 7:02 AM
Promotional poster for The Race of Gentlemen.

1) How two convicted criminals got Philadelphia to decriminalize weed. T. Kid reports for on local marijuana agitators N.A. Poe and Chris Goldstein.

2) The "Race of Gentlemen," a competition of vintage vehicles, was held on the sands of Wildwood last weekend. The rules: Cars (or motorcycles) had to date from the 1930s or earlier, and drivers were asked not to run over course officials and errant beach-combing pedestrians. Benjamin Preston of the New York Times reports. 

3) Philadelphia just built a crime mapping tool for the entire region. Juliana Reyes of Philly reports the City's new system ties together real-time crime data through 9-1-1 calls, loads of regional data and surveillance camera feeds.

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POSTED: Friday, October 10, 2014, 7:00 AM

Here's your daily look at five stories we're following:

1. Philly flight disrupted over Ebola joke: A passenger on a US Airways flight Wednesday from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic was greeted by agents in hazmat suits after he allegedly made a joke about Ebola. So a word to the wise after that and a previous flight disruption over joking tweets: Sit down, keep your mouth shut, and your hands under your butt if you want a flight to leave on time.

2. McCoy's lip service: The Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy, among the best backs in the NFL last year, was benched last game in the fourth quarter. Why? Was it his non-performance or something else? Whatever it was, he's biting his lip under the Chip Kelly regime.

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