Words used in real-estate listings: Expensive vs. cheap homes

A home in Somerton. (APRIL SAUL / Staff Photographer)

 Which words do real-estate agents most commonly use to describe expensive properties? And which words show up more in listings for cheaper homes? Over at the Language Log, Penn linguistics professor Mark Liberman evaluates real-estate listings from several major cities (including Philly) to find out.

Words more likely to be used in describing expensive properties, according to his analysis, are:

- exquisite
- dramatic
- soaring
- expansive
- sophisticated
- luxurious
- lush
- breathtaking
- prestigious


And there are other words that, while positive descriptions, tend to be used in less-expensive listings:

- cute
- nice
- good
- clean
- convenient
- fresh
- lovely
- excellent
- charming