Top 6 Winters for School Closings

Eleven-year-old Giana Matthews11 (left) and 8-year-old Sophia Grasela slip off their sled while riding down a hill in Clark Park in West Philadelphia on Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. It was a snow day for Philadelphia public schools. (Stephanie Aaronson /

This winter is tied for third most snow days in Philadelphia during the last 25 years, according to the school district. Breaking the tie is quite possible, since the snow season still has weeks to go. (Note March closing in 1994.) No. 2, though, looks tough to catch, even if one big storm can close schools for days (see multiple examples).

Winters with most snow days

For Philadelphia public schools. Since winter of 1989-90.

(1) 1993-94. Twelve closings: 1/4/94, 1/7, 1/18-21/94 (four straight days), 1/26-28 (three straight days), 2/9, 2/11, 3/3. Also: one early dismissal.

(2) 2009-10. Seven closings: 12/21/09, 2/8/10, 2/10-12 (three straight days), 2/25-26 (two straight days).

(3, tie) 1995-96. Six closings: 12/20/95, 1/8-12/96 (5 straight days). Also: two early dismissals.

(3, tie) 2013-14. Six closings: 12/10/13, 1/3/14, 1/22, 2/3, 2/13-14 (two straight days). Also: one early dismissal.

(5, tie) 2010-11. Four closings: 1/12/11, 1/27-28 (two straight days), 2/22.Also: four early dismissals, two delayed openings.

(5, tie) 2002-03. Four closings: 12/5/02, 2/7/03, 2/18-19 (two straight days).


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