Top 10 'Sharkanado' sequel titles

Sharknado, coming to select movie theaters on Aug. 2, certainly got folks talking after its broadcasts on the Syfy network.

It's so jaw-droppingly dopey -- the idea of waterspouts raining sharks on Los Angeles -- it's hysterically entertaining. A biting satire? Bloody unlikely, since it seems to ride its own premise like a tidal wave.

Anyway, the campiness has proved so popular a sequel is in the works, to be set in New York City, and the producers have solicited title suggestions their Twitter page (@SharkNadoFilm).

Here are the ten we like best, in reverse order of preference.

Sharknado 2: Gills of Death
Sharknado 2: Jawsquake
SharkNado2: The Fish and the Furious
Sharknado 2: Cyclone of Blood
sharknado 2: The Fishy That Never Sleeps
SharkNado 2: You Can't Handle the Tooth
Sharknado 2: The Musical
SharkNado 2: Sharkpocalypse
Sharknado 2: An Even Bigger Disaster
Sharknado 2: Sharknami

OK, we made that next-to-last one up ourselves.

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