Tonight, Phillies give out 1 millionth bobblehead

The idea of a million bobbleheads is mind-boggling.

Especially if they all came alive at once! Like the hordes of zombies in the trailer for that Brad Pitt film World War Z. It's not a population bomb, it's a bobble-ation bomb!

(Maybe I shouldn't have eaten a recalled veggie burger for lunch.)

Anyway, tonight, before the Phillies take on the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park, the team will give away its one-millionth bobblehead, and the lucky fan who gets the likeness of a hitting Carlos Ruiz will be awarded "special surprises ... including a gold-painted, autographed Ruiz bobble."

Ruiz, who was sculpted in a catching pose in 2010, is one of a select group to be doubly immortalized. The Phanatic, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley will be joined by another repeater on Aug. 21, when Cole Hamels bobble figurines are handed out.

Hamels will be the such 28th giveaway and the 30th figure, since Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas were given away as a pair, and so were oldtime masocts Phil and Phillis.

Here's the list:

Pat Burrell May 20, 2001
Larry Bowa Sept. 27, 2001
Phillie Phanatic Bobbing Belly May 5, 2001
Jimmy Rollins June 23, 2002
Harry Kalas & Richie Ashburn Aug. 18, 2002
Steve Carlton June 22, 2003
Mike Schmidt Sept. 1, 2003
Phil & Phillis Sept. 27, 2003
Randy Wolf Aug. 17, 2004
Mike Lieberthal Aug. 29, 2005
Chase Utley May 26, 2006
Ryan Howard July 26, 2006
Phillie Phanatic Birthday April 29, 2007
Ryan Howard NL MVP May 16, 2007
Cole Hamels July 25, 2007
Jamie Moyer NL East Champions April 30, 2008
Jimmy Rollins NL MVP June 4, 2008
Chase Utley (Alternate Jersey) Aug. 20, 2008
Charlie Manuel World Series Champions April 28, 2009
Brad Lidge Aug. 19, 2009
Roy Halladay May 18, 2010
Carlos Ruiz (catching) Aug. 24, 2010
Roy Oswalt May 24, 2011
Placido Polanco Aug. 16, 2011
Cliff Lee June 4, 2012
Hunter Pence Aug. 21, 2012
Carlos Ruiz (hitting) June 4, 2013
Cole Hamels #2 Aug. 21, 2013

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