Today's Top Picks: Sept. 20, 2017

In a reburial ceremony in July, Vietnam People's Army soldiers pour dirt over 72 caskets containing the remains of soldiers who were discovered at Bien Hoa Air Base in April based on information from U.S. veterans.

It started when Bob Connor helped a granddaughter with a homework assignment about the Vietnam War during which he served in Air Force at the Bien Hoa Air Base and where, after the Tet Offensive, Viet Cong dead were buried in a mass grave at the end of the runway. Read more
Just six days after her 28-year-old son died from a heroin overdose, the school board president wept as she thanked her colleagues for unanimously approving the ambitious $149,000 program aimed at fighting an opioid epidemic that has ravaged young grads in their Lower Bucks County community. Read more
David Bey was recently inducted in the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame. Read more
One former football player signed away nearly two-thirds of the $1 million he expected to receive under the terms of the NFL’s landmark concussion settlement. Others, desperate for money to pay medical bills, have fallen prey to companies offering speculative loans with interest rates as high as 100 percent. Read more
Known as Gabriella Belpre at City Hall, she moonlights as Gabby Ortiz in the ring. Read more
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