Drinking games: Stats on fans' alcohol consumption

A kid caught on video swigging beer at a June 2010 Phillies game might not have been 21 months old, let alone 21 years.

"Which Philly fans drink the most?" reported that, overall, Flyers fans are more likely to have had a drink in a given week than fans of other local teams.

Here are breakdowns by type of booze consumed in previous seven days, according to a survey by Scarborough Research. As mentioned in the article, note that the differences must be due to fans who don't follow all four teams. Beer drinking varied the most, liquor the least.

Flyers fans, 42 percent
Sixers fans, 40 percent
Eagles fans, 36 percent
Phillies fans, 32 percent
Area adults 21 and over, 29 percent

Flyers fans, 24 percent
Eagles fans, 23 percent
Phillies fans, 23 percent
Area adults 21 and over, 20 percent
Sixers fans, 19 percent

Flyers fans, 21 percent
Eagles fans, 20 percent
Phillies fans, 20 percent
Sixers fans, 18 percent
Area adults 21 and over, 17 percent

Wine coolers and hard cider were mentioned too infrequently for numbers to be considered accurate. Not even 1 percent of Eagles, Phillies or Sixers fans mentioned hard cider, and only 1.2 percent of Flyers fans and the general adult population did. Wine coolers ranged from 1.1 percent for Eagles fans to 1.9 percent for general populace.

See original article for more about the survey.

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