Busiest highways in Pa., N.J.

Traffic on Interstate 76, the busiest highway in Pennsylvania.

A report out this week from the Federal Highway Administration breaks down just how many miles we drive on the nation's highways. 

It's a lot: 2.95 trillion miles in 2011, the year the administration's report studied.

And it turns out that Pennsylvania's interstates are the eighth-busiest in the nation, with drivers traveling a total of 23.7 billion miles on highways in the state in 2011.

California had the highest total in the country by far, with 84.7 billion vehicle miles traveled on its interstates.

Motorists drove 14.9 billion miles on New Jersey's highways. 

Here's how many miles were driven on the busiest highways in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to the Department of Transportation data (all totals are for 2011).

1. I-76, 4.3 billion miles
2. I-81, 3.6 billion
3. I-80, 3.3 billion
4. I-476, 2 billion
5. I-95, 1.8 billion
6. I-79, 1.5 billion
7. I-78, 1.3 billion
8. I-83, 1 billion
9. I-276, 980 million
10. I-376, 862 million

New Jersey:
1. I-95, 4.8 billion miles
2. I-80, 2.5 billion
3. I-287, 2.2 billion
4. I-78 2.2 billion
5. I-295, 1.7 billion