5 stories to follow: May 1

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Reports from state lawmakers disclosing gifts are due today. (AP photo)

Welcome to May. Here's today's look at five stories to know about today:

1. Broad Street Run security: Organizers of Sunday's Blue Cross Broad Street Run have outlined the new security measures that will be in place for this year's run, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. This year, no bags, backpacks or water coolers will be allowed inside the Navy Yard, where the race finishes; runners must check their gear in clear, race-provided bags; police officers will be along the course and at every water station; and evacuation shelters will be set up along the route. Mayor Nutter is scheduled to speak about the security measures this morning.

2. Christie launching first TV ad: The New Jersey governor is launching his first television ad of his re-election campaign today. The 60-second spot focuses on jobs, government spending and taxes. 

3. Drug tests to blame for Pa.'s unemployment woes?: During an "Ask the Governor" segment on PAMatters.com, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett cited potential employees failing company drug tests as a reason behind Pennsylvania's slow job growth. "The other area is, there are many employers that say, 'We're looking for people but we can't find anybody that has passed a drug test,' a lot of them," Corbett said.

4. Ethics reports due for lawmakers: Pennsylvania state legislators and other public officials must disclose gifts, travel, transportation and lodging they received in reports due today to the State Ethics Commission. In reports filed thus far, lawmakers have disclosed accepting travel costs for trips to Ireland, Arizona, Illinois and other places; a yacht-club membership; ski passes and other gifts.

5. N.J. fights compulsive gambling: New Jersey officials are discussing ways to help young problem gamblers at a forum today. The state recently became the third in the country to legalize online betting.