Why China loves Basset ice cream, more

Here's your daily round-up of the top stories to follow today:

1. La Salle wins: If you, like PhillyLists, head to bed early, you may have missed last night's big sports news. The Explorers topped Boise State, 80-71, in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The win is La Salle's first tournament victory since 1990. The Explorers face Kansas State in the second round Friday at 3:10 p.m. We have much more coverage of the win: Inquirer recap, Daily News recap, Marcus Hayes column ("La Salle does its Villanova imitation"), Phil Sheridan column ("La Salle finally sheds a beast of burden) and BoopStats on how Philly teams have fared in past NCAA tournaments when two schools played in the same away city.

2. Liquor privatization: The Pennsylvania House votes today on whether to privatize alcohol sales. Gov. Corbett wants to auction off the State Stores and use the money toward schools. The proposal has lobbyists in a frenzy, the Inquirer reports.

3. The Shore's future: Rutgers University has launched a new sea-level mapping tool. The interactive map predicts where the water will go when the sea level rises. The findings aren't good: "New Jersey's shorelines are heavily developed," says Richard Lathrop, the director of Rutgers' Grant F. Walton Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis. "So we have a lot of infrastructure that are potentially in harm's way." Read more, or check out the tool yourself at njfloodmapper.org.

4. Mayoral task forces: Mayor Nutter is on track to create or remake more offices, task forces, commissions and advisory bodies than any other mayor. More from the Daily News.

5. People in China love Bassets: Business in China now makes up 20 percent of Bassets Ice Cream sales. The most popular flavors? Vanilla, strawberry, rum raisin and green tea.