5 stories to follow: June 20

Actor and New Jersey native James Gandolfini (AP photo)

Here's your daily look at five stories we're following:

1. Remembering James Gandolfini: The New Jersey native known for his portrayal of a mob boss in HBO's "The Sopranos" died on Wednesday. The 51-year-old actor was vacationing in Rome at the time. Gandolfini won three Emmy Awards for his role as Tony Soprano. Gov. Christie called him a "fine actor, a Rutgers alum and a true Jersey guy." What Gandolfini scene is most memorable to you? Vote for your favorite Tony Soprano moment.

2. Philly schools funding: State leaders continue to signal that they may help out the struggling-financially Philadelphia School District. A statement from Gov. Tom Corbett says the governor is "committed to finding a long-term solution" that is "focused on students and is fiscally responsible." Corbett's administration is trying to convince the federal government to forgive the state for a $108 million debt, and reappropriate some of that money to fund Philly schools. The district is working to close a $304 million budget gap.

3. Replacing geese with swans: Radnor Township is considering deploying swans at Willows Park to help control the geese population. But one expert says that's a bad idea and that swans can alter ecosystems and become extremely aggressive.

4. No more Traffic Court: Gov. Corbett has signed legislation that dismantles Philadelphia's scandal-plagued Traffic Court. Indictments against nine current and former judges on the court for an alleged ticket-fixing scandal were issued earlier this year. Elections for open seats on the court have been taken off the November ballot.

5. Nutter's gas bill: Philadelphia Gas Works filed a claim against Mayor Michael Nutter last month for failure to pay for $507.76 in gas service. The mayor paid up earlier this month. "The bill is paid. Nothing happened. There's no story here," Nutter says of the past-due balance.