5 stories to follow: July 22

Eagles safety Keelan Johnson. (Photo via Arizona Superior Court)

Here's your look at five stories we're following:

1. Eagles safety arrested: Eagles safety Keelan Johnson was arrested over the weekend for an alleged assault on a police officer in Arizona.

2. Pension protests: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a town hall meeting scheduled for today at a playground built by police, firefighters and teachers, and unions are criticizing the venue choice. The unions are fighting any plan to cut pension benefits.

3. Traffic Court deliberations: A jury is now weighing the fate of the judges accused in the Traffic Court ticket-fixing scandal, and deliberations are scheduled to resume this morning.

4. Comcast earnings: Comcast Corp. said today that its second-quarter net income rose 15 percent, to $1.99 billion, as the company added high-speed Internet customers.

5. University president criticized: Some Eastern University alumni are pushing the school's president to take his signature off a letter requesting religious institutions be exempt from an order prohibiting discrimination based on sexual identity.