15 Buzzy Bumper Stickers

"I DO WHATEVER MY RICE CRISPIES TELL ME TO." And rightly so. Snap, crackle and pop resemble radio static ... and that's where you always here those alien transmissions and the the voices of long-gone evil Aunt Gertrude (R.I.P.) and her snarly little shih-tzu, Yappy.

Some drivers like to drive home a point, display a bit of wit on wheels, with bodacious in-your-face bumper stickers. The mindset varies greatly, from light-hearted joshing to bitter griping, with thought-provoking perhaps the highest state of the art.

Almost all of these bumper stickers were photographed in the Philadelphia area, usually without violating any motor vehicle laws.

If you have a great bumper sticker, or have a picture of one (obtained safely, of coure), send a copy to stories@philly.com and it could be part of "15 MORE Buzzy Bumper Stickers."

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