Jackpots hit in Pa. worth $50 million or more

$86 million, Montgomery County. Pennsylvania's Super Six Lotto reached $86 million in 2000. and Robert Shemonski of Bridgeport bought the only winning ticket at a convenience store. He split the prize with his wife, Margaret, and their sons Ken and Bob Shemonski, standing to the right of her.

Powerball's latest jackpot-winning ticket, purchased at a Philadelphia beer outlet, will be the fourth biggest prize ever awarded in Pennsylvania. Only one Philly win was bigger, and the state record was set by a ticket bought in Bucks County. Here are the top winners in roughly reverse order of richness.

Both of those were Powerball wins as well.

Not included are three jackpots that got divided into portions smaller than $50 million. The biggest was a $115.5 million Super 7 jackpot won by 14 tickets on April 26, 1989.

Note the lack of Mega Millions winners. Pennsylvania began selling Mega Millions tickets in January 2010, but had yet to produce a jackpot winner as of late June 2013.

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