17 new trails planned for Philadelphia

Bartram's North Project: The trail would run along the Schuylkill River from the Grays Ferry Bridge to Bartram's Garden. Length: 0.4 miles Status: Preliminary design

Two new sections of trails have opened in Philadelphia in the past two weeks. As Philadelphians are getting started running, biking and strolling on the Penn Street trail -- a section of the Delaware River Trail north of Spring Garden Street that just opened Monday -- and the 58th Street Greenway -- a 1.5-mile path connecting Cobbs Creek Park and Bartram's Garden in Southwest Philly -- we took a look ahead at other trails being planned for the city.

Here are 17 other paths that are being constructed around Philly, or are planned and designated as high-priority projects, according to the city's trail master plan. Check out the full master plan for other segments planners want to add to Philly's trail network.