13 logos to freak out Yahoo!

Mmm, doughnuts, as Homer Simpson would say, Now, wouldn't seeing a logo like this as one of Yahoo's daily logos have put a smile on your face?

No big whoop. Not going to blow things OUT OF PROPORTION.

Who says we have to have a point? Sometimes we just get these crazy ideas.

After seeing Yahoo swap its logo for a different one daily for a month, well, we just got to wishing the exercise had been more fun. Shown some creavity.

Tomorrow, Sept. 5, comes the "big reveal" and, unless Yahoo! has a major surprise, we'll see letters in a new font, same old purple, with an exclamation point.


OK, it's just a logo change. (No justification for smart remarks about how "old businesses" tweak instead of twerk, or missed opportunities, or "see Doodles -- Google.")

To wit, here's a baker's dozen of ways Yahoo! could have made its "30 days of change" much more memorable.

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