Who's in the mood for holiday cheer this time of year?

A little free-association: I say, "December."

You say, "Holidays, gift giving, Rudolph and the Grinch."

But really, who has time for good cheer when there are only four weeks left in the year? There must be corporate mergers, contracts and financings to get done, and not much midnight oil left to burn.

I won't rest all snug in my bed until after the leaders of the European Union fix the Continent's sovereign debt crisis at their summit on Dec. 9.

Even then, the clatter that might arise from a contentious Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Dec. 13 could be enough to transform any visions of sugar plums into the cast of "The Walking Dead."

Although our stockings may be hung with care I'm not convinced Congress is in any mood to wear a red suit and extend the payroll tax cut and a bunch of tax credits due to expire at the end of the year.

Yes, I feel a distinct lack of holiday spirit as 2011 rushes to a close. I'd gladly trade the egg nog for more animal spirits stoking U.S. economic growth and putting more people to work in 2012.