Temple prof's legacy will be networking group

Few of us have mottoes, but Temple University associate professor Chris Pavlides did.

It was “networking for life,” and last month I wrote about the nonprofit he founded around the concept.

The Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group expanded from five or six people meeting face-to-face monthly in 2002 to more than 1,000 members this year. Pavlides said he thought executives who’d climbed the ladder needed a forum where they could share opportunities.

“The world is very finicky,” he told me, referring to waves of corporate belt-tightening. “What stays with you is your network.”

Pavlides was killed in a one-car crash on Route 322 in Concord Township Tuesday morning. Word of his death spread fast.

“He organized executives, he connected the school to business people, and the students loved him,” said Fox School of Business dean M. Moshe Porat in a statement.

Roy Hibberd, vice chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group, called Pavlides its spark.

“What Chris started, to his extreme credit, attracted a lot of people interested in helping others,” he said, adding that the group will go on and “flourish.”

“Its seed has been planted in very fertile soil,” said Hibberd, general counsel for Dollar Financial Corp.

Hibberd said that Pavlides “walked the walk” when it came to networking. Now those he inspired will have to walk it without him.

More Perp Walks

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