Redlasso ropes an agreement with Fox Television Stations

Redlasso Inc., the Webbased video clipping service that’s been dormant since July, is ready to ride again.

The King of Prussia company shut access to its service after several television networks sued it for copyright and trademark infringement.

That litigation was settled in late October. Yesterday, Redlasso announced it had struck a deal with Fox Television Stations - one of the plaintiffs - for rights to syndicate local news content from the 16 Fox stations that have broadcast news operations, including Fox29 in Philadelphia.

Still no deal with Fox News Network, which handles its cable-produced content.

Redlasso’s technology had been a favorite among bloggers, because it was easy to find clips of network TV interviews and imbed them into blog posts. Too easy: Redlasso hadn’t gotten permission from any content provider to record and distribute its work.

That led to a legal showdown that could’ve spelled the end for the two-year-old start-up and opportunity for competing services, such as 1Cast Inc. and Voxant Inc.

Bloggers should not notice any change in how the service works when Redlasso restarts in early April, said its CEO Al McGowan.

Ron Stitt, Fox Television Stations’ vice president of digital media, said in an interview that the company’s agreement with Redlasso is one of several it has with other technology firms to expand the online reach of its content.

The two companies will share advertising revenue, he said.

Redlasso requires bloggers and news-oriented Web sites to register in order to use its service, which allows them to search the content, create customized clips and imbed them in a blog posting.

McGowan said Redlasso is working to reach deals with other media companies.

Reader soapbox

As a stockholder in four or five companies myself, I would not be dissatisfied with corporate leadership that demonstrates they are part of the solution and not just another contributor to our current problems. Dividends can wait for a while! Keeping employees working right now is an investment in everyone’s future.

- Bob Girondi, of Ardmore, reacting to last week’s column about Gov. Rendell’s calling on Sunoco Inc. to reverse its decision to lay off 750 people at a time when the oil refiner and marketer is posting big profits.