Reaction to Philadelphia Pink Slip Party?

Quick question: Did anyone go to that Pink Slip Party last night that the staffing company Ajilon set up last night in Center City?

If so, what did you think? This was the networking event focused on financial, accounting, legal and IT professionals who'd lost their jobs recently. Are we going to see more of this kind of event?

Or will the various monthly job fairs or the weekly/monthly jobs club programs or support groups run by organizations like the Philadelphia Unemployment Project that will be more effective?

I have to think that job fairs held just about anywhere this spring and summer will be packed with people looking for work. But even if there are companies there, will they be doing anything more than paper shuffling? Some companies are always looking for talent, but are they the ones using job fairs?

I heard a report on KYW radio about the Ajilon event this morning about it and wondered what those who attended thought.