Next phase for Cold-Eeze maker

Shareholders voted May 5 in favor of changing the name of the company that makes Cold-Eeze cold remedies.

Quigley Corp., which had been named after its founder Guy Quigley, is now ProPhase Labs Inc. The ticker symbol for the common stock changed from QGLY to PRPH.

In its recent proxy statement, the board said the name change will “supporting the rebranding” of the Doylestown company.

The new name comes less than a year after a shareholder revolt led to a change in the control of the board of directors. Guy Quigley resigned as president and CEO last June.

Now this tiny company that’s lost money for four years in a row is retiring the Quigley name. However, ProPhase Labs’ biggest shareholder remains Guy Quigley, who owns 3.28 million shares, or 22.2 percent of the outstanding common stock.

Quigley, which had 50 full-time employees as of Dec. 31, had net sales of just $19.8 million in 2009.