Entrepreneur of the Year awards include CEOs of Monetate, Synthes

Face it. There are just too many awards given out in the business community. It’s almost as bad as youth soccer leagues. (Most Consistent Wearer of Matching Socks Award, anyone?)

For that, we should perhaps blame Ernst & Young L.L.P., which created the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 26 years ago. Now there are plenty of imitators. Still, it would be great if the firm would pick just one business go-getter to represent each major metropolitan region. Instead, we get nine.

Last week, the 2012 picks for Greater Philadelphia were announced for the following categories at an event at the Convention Center:

  • Emerging — David Brussin, founder and chief executive officer of Monetate Inc., an online marketing technology firm based in Conshohocken.
  • Health Care Services — Joseph Cosgrove, president and CEO of Pentec Health Inc., a Boothwyn-based specialty infusion pharmacy that was recently acquired by Norwest Equity Partners.
  • Lifetime Achievement — Bill Giles, chairman of the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Technology — Richard Hirsh, CEO of Transcend United Technologies Inc., an information technology systems integrator based in Wayne.
  • Real Estate, Construction and Development — Michael G. O’Neill, founder and CEO of Preferred Sands L.L.C., a Radnor provider of sands used in the hydraulic fracturing process employed by the oil and gas industry.
  • Master Entrepreneur of the Year — Michael Orsinger, president and CEO of Synthes USA, the West Chester medical device maker that was recently acquired by Johnson & Johnson.
  • Services — Richard G. Phillips Jr., CEO of Pilot Freight Services, a Lima-based freight forwarder.
  • Distribution and Manufacturing — Brian Radwell, president and CEO of Radwell International Inc., a Lumberton seller and repairer of industrial electrical and electronic control devices.
  • Retail and Consumer Products — Dan Roitman, CEO of Stroll, a Center City-based seller of language-learning tools.