Dinner at the Geithner residence

After his speech unveiling the Financial Stability Plan and testifying before the Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner returns home to face new questions.
Tim Geithner's wife, Carole: "So what did you pick up for dinner?"
Tim: "I am committed to dinner and here's the framework I've come up with. First, an appetizer. Then, an entree that's been stress-tested along with side dishes that would complement the basic meal. Finally, a light dessert that would not disrupt the healthy decisions I've made."
Carole: "But what's for dinner?"
Tim: "In coming weeks, I'll be able to provide details."
Carole: "I'm hungry now."
Tim: "These are difficult decisions."
Carole: "Maybe the Bernankes are having potluck..."