Center City District CEO says Philadelphia needs to stem job loss

Center City District president and CEO Paul R. Levy would like the city to set a goal of adding 50,000 to 100,000 jobs to its employment base by 2023.

The head of the special services district made the comment in presenting the organization's latest "State of Center City" report, which compares the downtown area of Philadelphia to the suburbs and other cities on a variety of measures.

Here is a link to the full report.

"If you can turn around 50 years of population decline, you can turn around 50 years of employment decline," Levy said. "We need to set this goal."

The new report states that Center City accounts for more than 279,000 wage and salary jobs, or 44 percent of all such employment in Philadelphia. The biggest sector is office -- which includes business professionals, finance, insurance, real estate, and other service-oriented disciplines -- accounting for 31.9 percent of employment in 2010.

Public services, which includes government, supplies 21.4 percent of employment, while education and health care generates 20.7 percent.