Mobile Monday event on social networking apps

The recession, the credit crisis, the job cuts are the big stories that dominate our business pages. But as entrepreneurs keep reminding me: They're not all folding up their tents and heading for the bunker.

The Mid-Atlantic chapter of a technology group called Mobile Monday is hosting an event on the businesses hoping to profit from social networking and entertainment applications for mobile devices.

Before you roll your eyes, the last event hosted by this group attracted 250 people to the Franklin in January. Even if concept of mobile-everything smacks of relentless hype, there are a lot of entrepreneurs trying to ride this rocket.

Mobile Monday's event will be held at g Lounge, 111. S. 17th St., Center City, on (when else) Monday, starting about 5:30 p.m. Art Howe, former Inquirer reporter from the Pulitzer Ages and currently CEO of the California-based Verve Wireless, will give the keynote presentation. Verve is mobile application developer for media companies.

Howe will participate in a panel discussion with executives from ULocate, Crave Mobile, SpreadMob and TicketLeap. The back and forth ends around 7:30 p.m. leaving a full hour to network.

There is a fee. If you register online, it costs $7. Otherwise, it's $10 at the door. (It's a cash bar, but you guessed that.)