Bernanke speech will command attention Friday

It's taken a few weeks, but the normal August lull seems to have appeared.

Save for a much-anticipated speech by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday, there are not many major events on the economic or earnings calendars for this week. And many are split on whether the Bernanke speech will shine much new light on the direction of the economy or Fed policy.

Here's a link to the Wall Street Journal's Jon Hilsenrath's take on the context surrounding the Bernanke speech.

One piece of the Philadelphia-area economy is picking up. Students are moving onto college campuses this week. I saw plenty of suitcases being lugged around Haverford College on Sunday afternoon.

It's another sign that summer is rushing to a close, and small businesses can hold out hope their foot traffic will pick up in the fall. Will it?

What are you seeing in the shops? Is the phone ringing in the office? Are the orders rolling or trickling in?