Real world beckons for Hawks


League games have arrived for all the city schools except Penn. The vibe, tempo and preparation are all different. The scouting reports are more concise because everyone is more familiar with styles and individual players.

The A-10 will go through Xavier but the list of contenders is longer than at any time in my 24 years in the league.

My players have had the opportunity to get rested but now back to the real world with the second semester starting on Hawk Hill. Classes, tutors and study hall all have to be factored into our game preparation and away travel. We are fortunate that most of the professors recognize the sacrifices that the players made to represent SJU. The key, as in most cases, is communication. We beg our players to “yell” for help. I’m very proud of the strong working relationship that has developed with the faculty.

On your favorite team, keep an eye on the seniors. The clock is ticking for them. Some sprint to the finish line while others tiptoe because they may not be confident about the future.

Hope you get a chance to see the Hawks at The Palestra - the best building in college basketball.