Macon sounds like Chaney

Listen to Mark Macon for a few minutes and it’s clear he has been associated with John Chaney.

Macon, Temple’s all-time scoring leader with 2,609 points, brought his Binghamton University basketball team to Drexel on Sunday for a 40-point thrashing by the Dragons.

In many cases, coaches of teams that have been trounced cannot wait to flee the postgame interviews. Not Macon. Thankfully, he was very talkative. And the more he talked, the more I thought I was channeling Chaney.

Discussing his effort to find some productive combinations with his Bearcats (1-4) trailing by more than 30 points, Macon said, “I’ve got to put something out there. I’ve got to put bread, peanut butter, jelly, something in the game.”

Regarding lineup changes he made, Macon said when players aren’t producing, “I can’t keep tuning you up. If I tune you up and you come back out and the fire is out, I have to change the gas or something.”

Later, asked if he contacted Chaney during Binghamton’s stay in Philadelphia, Macon replied that he had not.

“When I come here for a game,” he said, “I try to do exactly what he would do. I try to stay focused. I will talk to him. I wouldn’t want him to come to a game. I wouldn’t want that 4-hour lashing.

“He’s great. When I call him to talk about life, it just flows into basketball. We talk about what he’s doing, how much he’s cheating at golf and pinochle.”

-- Bill Fleischman