Hawks focused on improvement


In all but the Ivy League, conference schedules are nearing the halfway point. There are discussions in offices, around campuses and in the media about surprises both good and bad, players of the year candidates and which teams have the look to make a postseason run - all of this and there are still more than a dozen games to play.

In my program we are focused on daily improvement. It has always been my makeup to pursue our best basketball in February and March. Constantly reading the eyes and bodies of my players – are they tired, physically, mentally, emotionally? Who is disappointed in their own game or their role? It is a challenge to keep things fresh and upbeat.

Specific to the goal of  improvement, it is imperative that we improve as a rebounding team. It sounds simple but we have not caught the ball well enough. A rebound should be seen as a pass. The key will be for us to “catch more passes” off the backboard.

The Atlantic 10 has had great leadership from teams at the top of the standings – Temple,  Xavier, Dayton, Rhode Island – and teams to watch develop through the back of the schedule might be La Salle, Richmond and Charlotte.

In the city it would not be a surprise before the end of the year to wake up one day and Villanova be ranked No. 1 in the country. They are that good and playing that well.

With the Hawks it is exciting to know that we are competing with the best in America. The bar is set high and each day we strive to pull ourselves up.

It has been rough but as always, The Hawk Will Never Die!