For Dunphy, a matchup with Allen



As a coach you would rather be involved in a game that is non-descript, with no personal issues, just "Xs and Os". That is why the Penn game will always be a tough one for me. As I have so many fond memories of my time there, and the special relationships formed with the many good people associated with the program.

This year, it will be even more personal as I will be coaching against one of my former players, Jerome Allen, for the first time.

Jerome is a tremendous man who has done great work throughout his career. He had a solid professional career overseas, is an outstanding community guy, and will be successful in whatever he does in life.

So to coach against him, in his Palestra debut on Wednesday night, is something that I am personally not looking forward to. I am sure I will talk with Jerome a few times before the game, and we will talk afterward, as well. However, once the ball goes up, it will be the same as always. I will be coaching my team and he will be doing the same with his guys.

Hope to see you there!!!

Fran Dunphy