Dragons looking ahead to Hoyas


Tuesday was a real fun day at Drexel. Our team is used to being up early since we practice a few days a week at 6:30 because of classes, so our guys are used to getting up and playing as their classmates roll out of bed. It was a little different with the ESPN trucks out front and a nice set up for breakfast for our fans. But as soon as we got in the building, our guys came focused and we played a good first half for the most part. I will say our fans were the ones that really enjoyed the day. They came out early and filled the DAC up. We really needed them behind us as we battled a tough Penn squad that wouldn't quit. The student body never thought they would have the chance to host a Big 5 team.
As I said after the game in the media room, I was just happy that we got the chance to host a Big 5 team in our building. It's the first time that has happened in a long time and it really gave us a chance to show what we can do, both on the court and with how our staff runs a game. I do want to really thank the people at Penn for allowing this to happen. We both have had good programs over the years and to get a chance to show it off to a national audience doesn't happen to much, so I'd like to than Glen and the administration for making the walk up 33rd Street and our fans for bringing the fire.
Our fans and staff are excited with the win, but we have a huge obstacle coming up on Saturday. We travel to D.C. to face Georgetown. The Hoyas have one of the top coaches in the country in John Thompson III and they have a number of players who have the potential to play at the next level. We've faced Big East teams in the past and have held our own, even winning a few two years ago, so we'll bring our best to Washington this weekend.