?uestlove hosts private cook-off Sunday

Roots leader Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson and 25 invited guests will judge the cooking contest he launched recently, at a Sunday dinner at Vintage (129 S. 13th).

Nine chefs will compete for the job of cooking for the Roots backstage at the group's annual Roots Picnic festival June 4 at the Festival Pier.

The chefs will have one hour to shop for ingredients at Whole Foods (10th & South) and then three hours to prep their five-course meals. 

Chef Jennifer Zavala, a former "Top Chef" contestant and alum of El Camino Real, will compete, along with local chefs Eric Paraskevas of Terra (243 S. Camac), Kenny Bush, Scott Shroeder, Clara Park, Anthony Leo, Brian Tucker, New York's Elita B and Nick Wilson of Fitchburg, MA.

?uestlove will be Tweeting the event live Sunday. He's @Questlove and is followed by more than 1.5 million people. @Cook4Quest will also be tweeting the event, as will Your Humble Narrator who can be found on Twitter @PhillyGossip.