What's up with Baskett and the Playboy Bunny?

Eagles receiver Hank Baskett seems to be quite chummy with Kendra Wilkinson, a Playboy model and one of the co-stars on E!s "The Girls Next Door." Wilkinson is, on the show at least, one of Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends. We're told Wilkinson, 23, and Baskett, 26, (pictured together here) recently dined together at Redstone (500 Rt. 73 S) in Marlton. She lists "HB3" as one of her heroes on her MySpace page, and Baskett's page, which is private, says "HB3 in LOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!" An Eagles spokesman contacted Baskett and told us he didn't hear back from the receiver. E-mails to Playboy publicists were not returned since Thursday.

UPDATE:  Baskett was on Wired 96.5’s Chio in the Morning show today and was asked (hear the clip here) about our report about he and Wilkinson, whose mother Patti was a former Eagles cheerleader. "It's funny how I woke up to that stuff on my front porch," Baskett told the radio station. "She's a good good friend of mine. She loves the team. She's a die hard Chargers fan too but she loves the Eagles," said Baskett. Perez Hilton, who borrowed heavily from, yet linked to, our report this morning, says that Wilkinson was at yesterday's Eagles game in a private suite. We're awaiting confirmation from the Eagles on that. Meanwhile, What Would Tyler Durden Do, claims to be reporting an exclusive that Baskett and Wilkinson are engaged and have been for some time. Hmmm. Still no word from Playboy.