WIP boss, Philly Sport publisher trade barbs over mag story

610 WIP boss Marc Rayfield says that he was "misquoted throughout" the April Philly Sport magazine article in which he dissed 97.5 The Fanatic, which we reported on in yesterday's column.

"Some of the quotes are way off and don't even resemble what I said, and some were simply taken out of context . . . I do, however, enjoy reading fiction as well as op-ed, and that's largely what Ted's article was," Rayfield said of the article written by the mag's publisher, Ted Beitchman.

Beitchman was incredulous yesterday afternoon when told of Rayfield's remarks. "He's sore because he looks bad and the station looks bad, and they're losing their franchise," Beitchman said.

"He got the magazine a week ago. If he had a problem with something I wrote why the f--- didn't he tell me? He's a weasel," shot Beitchman, who said he "absolutely" stands by his reporting. He said he would be happy to share his notes with Rayfield.

Rayfield, who called Beitchman's piece a "hatchet job," about which he should "be embarrassed," would not dignify the weasel remark with a response.

Your Humble Narrator would like to clarify something from yesterday's column. While WIP's Howard Eskin has lost a lot of listeners to The Fanatic's Mike Missanelli, the same is not true for most WIP hosts, as we stated. In fact, WIP's midday team of Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano was No. 1 with men 25-54, and with men 18-59 for the two previous ratings periods.

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