WHYY lays off 17 employees

Earlier today WHYY laid off 16 full-time employees and one part-timer throughout the public radio and television stations. No direct news content production staffers on anybody regularly on-air on TV12, or 91 FM were cut, says WHYY spokesman Art Ellis. Ellis said that compared to other non-profits and public stations 'HYY "has been healthy this year and has had four years of balanced budgets...This is about looking ahead for next year and wanting to invest in new directions on web content and new media," Ellis said this afternoon. Several WHYY employees today questioned whether the salary of CEO Bill Marrazzo would be cut. His compensation of more than $400,000 plus over $300,000 in expenses and benefits has long been a bone of contention among 'HYY empoyees. "I have no further information to provide about executive compensation," Ellis said, when we asked whether Marrazzo's pay would be decreased.