Vineland to axe plans for summer concert festival?

We hear that Vineland, NJ is about to announce that it will not play host to a three-day concert festival that had been planned on an undeveloped 570-acre tract of land following a string of recent concerns and protest from residents.

Of course, the festival, by Austin, Texas concert promoter C3 Presents was previously proposed for Fairmount Park's Belmont Plateau, as we first reported. Those plans fell through when the Fairmount Park Commission sought to delay voting on whether to accept C3's proposal, or that of a similar event proposed by Electric Factory Concerts, the local concert behemoth with 40 years of local business.

Both promoters later withdrew their plans and the Vineland Music Festival, planned August 8-10 was announced just days later with Festival Presents, a UK concert promoter, also in tow to help stage the multi-stage rock festival.

E-mails to Vineland City Council President John Barretta and representatives from C3 Presents, which stages the annual Lollapalooza show in Chicago and the Austin City Limits festival, were not immediately returned tonight.