Vince DeMentri on trial for attempted assault on limo driver

Vince DeMentri, former NBC10 anchor, spent his 47th birthday in a New York courtroom Wednesday on trial for attempted assault on a limo driver.

Hurley Senanayake, 55, the driver for the Bahamian ambassador to the United Nations, testified Tuesday that DeMentri had called him the N-word before slapping him in a fight last May that started over a parking spot. DeMentri was working for New York’s WPIX/Channel 11 at the time when he was arrested for allegedly striking Senanayake.


“This is simply the weakest case I’ve ever been associated with,” DeMentri’s attorney Jeffrey Lichtman told us this afternoon, emphatically denying that his client used the racial slur, which Lichtman says was never before referenced in any interviews or statemenets that Senanayake gave police.

“It was physically impossible for Vince to have been able to aim a punch through a partially open window,” Lichtman said, echoing the testimony an eyewitness gave Tuesday. “It is the worst miscarriage of justice that I’ve been a part of,” Lichtman said yesterday, adding that he “100%” expects an acquittal when the trial resumes Tuesday.

DeMentri, who grew up in Frankford, was fired by NBC10 in 2008 after a bizarre situation involving former colleague Lori Delgado in which she had alleged he vandalized her car and took belongings from her at the station's Bala Cynwyd studio. DeMentri and his then-attorney said he hadn't touched her car or taken any of her stuff. The pair, who were each married at the time, had an affair that ended badly. Delgado resigned and DeMentri later sued the station, which later issued a public statement praising him and his work.