Vince DeMentri acquitted of attempted assault on limo driver

"I paid an incredible price. I just want my life back," former NBC10 anchor Vince DeMentri said tonight just hours after a New York judge cleared him of any wrongdoing in a so-called road rage incident last May in which he was alleged to have slapped a limo driver in New York.

DeMentri, 47, was found not guilty of attempted assault over a May 18 confrontation with Hurley Senanayake, 55, the driver for the Bahamian Ambassador to the United Nations who said that DeMentri hit him through a partially open window during the argument over a parking space.

New York's WPIX-TV fired DeMentri, who was working as a reporter there, shortly after his arrest for the alleged assault. DeMentri said he would love to return to WPIX. "My life won't be complete until I have my job back," said DeMentri, adding that if he cannot return there he would like a job elsewhere.

The Franford native has worked in TV news for 23 years. "I didn't do anything wrong and I said that from second one. I became the villain, but I am the victim," he told us Monday night.

Last week, 10 months after the incident, Senanayake testified that DeMentri called him the N-word during the argument, which DeMentri's lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman emphatically denied and which police testified that Senanayake had not previously reported.

DeMentri has been living in the area of late with a friend from NBC10.

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