U.S. Rep Bob Brady, Michael Vick break bread, discuss QB's bankruptcy

Why were MICHAEL VICK and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady dining together at Chops (401 City Ave.) in Bala Cynwyd Tuesday night?

The Eagles quarterback and the congressman have become friendly. Brady accompanied Vick to a Humane Society event Tuesday afternoon at the Hunting Park Recreation Center.


We asked Brady what the pair talked about over dinner.

"I'm helping him work some things out. He's got this bankruptcy thing he needs some help with, whatever," Brady said. He denied that he was personally involved in Vick's bankruptcy case and said, "We just talk about things; we became friends." He added that joining Vick on the Humane Society trips to rebuild his reputation was what he meant by helping him "work some things out."

"He's a real genuine guy who deserves a second shot," Brady said yesterday. The two were joined by a few other friends and had steaks, swordfish and more in a private dining area at the restaurant, where Vick signed autographs for kids on his way out and Brady picked up the tab.

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