Tuff Crew's Monty G goes to Dr. Oz for weight-loss help

Philly hip-hop fans may remember Monty G as the hype man for Tuff Crew, and sports fans may know him for his rapping at Eagles and Phillies games, but America will see a different side of Monty, born Lamont Anderson, on Friday's "Dr. Oz Show." (4 p.m, Fox 29).

Monty, 42, responded to a casting call because he wanted help losing weight. Monty, who is 5'11," told me he was shocked to learn, after stepping on a scale on the show, that he weighs 456 pounds. Dr. Mehmet Oz is sending him to a training camp and asked him to try to lose 30 pounds by February. Monty says he hopes to lose more than that. He was also seen by a New York hospital because he's had a foot ulcer for about a year.


Monty lost his mother, Christina Jones, and father, Stanley Evans, this year. "My mother was my heart," he says, and he's been eating away his feelings.

"When I'm not entertaining nobody, I'm hurt. I'm lonely and really sad and hurt," Monty says, adding that he cried on the Dr. Oz show because the doc recognized that he's in pain and that he eats when feeling down.

"He told me he loved me and that he was gonna help me," says Monty, who feels inspired to get healthier for Dr. Oz and himself.

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