The Roots in good shape after Belgium bus crash

Photo taken by Roots tour manager Keith McPhee just after the crash.

The Roots narrowly escaped injury when their tour bus flipped over this morning in Belgium.

Bassist Owen Biddle checked in to say the group are "all in surprisingly good shape and very thankful to be alive," after the bus lost control this morninig with the seven-piece band and five crew members mostly asleep.

The group which next year becomes the house band on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show was traveling from Cologne to Paris with most of them asleep in upper level bunks of the double decker.

"I was startled awake, bracing against the roof of my bunk when the bus began violently rocking and eventually slammed down on it's left side, on top of a van, which our driver said had veered into us, sending both vehicles, wedged together, off the road and into trees beyond the right margin," Biddle writes.

"Not knowing which way was up at first, I made my way out through the window of the upstairs back lounge, which was facing the ground and had been smashed by rescue workers. The response was immediate. We were taken to a nearby hotel as a sort of staging area. From there,  I was one of two who opted to go to the hospital for X-rays, as I was having trouble lifting my right arm. Only minor stuff," he says.

The band is now in another bus traveling to Paris to open for Kanye West tonight. "The show goes on," Biddle says.