Stephen A blogging, being mocked

Former Inqwaster columnist Stephen A. Smith, who's been estranged from the paper since August when he was stripped of his column, has started his own blog, where the ESPN NBA analyst has been bombarded by hostile comments as A.J. Daulerio of Daily Examiner reports.

“I realize I’m a polarizing figure,” Smith tells Daulerio. “I want people to disagree with what I say. I want them to forget my persona for a second, or the fact that I appear to be a bit demonstrative or bombastic [on radio and television]. I want people to respond to the words coming out of my mouth or that I write as opposed to the persona. But once they start using the n-word and get derogatory, they won’t be on there anymore.”

Smith, who recently bought a sofa in the third person, has yet to comment on his status with the Inqwaster, whose editor Bill Marimow, also no longer wishes to talk about Smith's status. Smith, who co-hosts an ESPN Radio show with former 610 WIP yakker Mike Missanelli, was asked to stay with the paper as a reporter and took a lengthy unpaid leave instead. We're curious what the basketball broadcaster would have to say about Daulerio's Pros vs. Joes performance against Charles Oakley and Charles Smith yesterday.