Specter gets a happy birthday call from Obama

Sen. Arlen Specter got a call from President Obama Friday night who wished him a happy 80th birthday. The new Democrat was at a fundraiser at the Washington Square home of Richard Keaveney taking questions from assembled supporters when an aide interrupted him to say that President Obama was on the phone. Specter had walked about ten blocks to get to the 5 to 6:30 p.m. fundraiser as his car was stuck crawling through city traffic. Keaveney is the CEO of MANNA, which provides nourishment to people with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases. Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal was also a guest at the fundraiser which was attended by many LGBT advocates and supporters including Equality Forum President Malcolm Lazin. Keaveney says Specter stated his plans to be "the voice" in the Senate with respect to food and nutrition issues, something Keaveney recently met with Specter to discuss on Capitol Hill. After the event, Specter celebrated his birthday at the home of his son, attorney Shanin Specter.