Snoop Dogg chills at G

Snoop Dogg took this picture of himself on the cell phone of Wired 96.5's G-N Kang late Tuesday night while the rapper partied at G (111 S. 17th) after playing the Festival Pier with 311. Snoop partied till close in the club's Mogul Room where a seemingly endless parade of hotties, including Kang, and many notties dropped in to hang with Snoop and crew. Phillies Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino paid their respects to the rapper at the party sponsored by Landy Cognac. Snoop was scheduled to be there for less than an hour but hung until close. NFL Network analyst/former Iggle Brian Baldinger were among guests as were 100.3 the Beat's Janita "Applebaum" Styles and husband Jessiah Styles who were also celebrating his 35th birthday. Clothier to the Stars Baba Taiye Renfrow of Distante (1510 Sansom) could also be found hanging late in the club's VIP area.