Cataldi wants Snooki to gyrate at Wing Bowl, will allow Mary Carey to be Wingette

After "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi dropped an F-bomb on yesterday's 610-WIP morning show, Angelo Cataldi is a little scared of what she'll do at the Wing Bowl.

Cataldi and the rest of the show hosts and staff simultaneously hit their dump buttons, and the curse wasn't heard on the air. Cataldi, a big "Jersey Shore" fan, hopes Snooki, the funniest member of the MTV show's cast, will "dance and do the gyrations she does on the show, on the stage at the Wing Bowl."


We suggested to the Italian-American host that he let Snooki style his hair like Pauly D, one of the self-proclaimed "Guidos" on the show.

"She should do Al's hair, it's very unruly," Cataldi said of co-host Al Morganti, a fellow Italian-American "Jersey Shore" fan and the creator of the Wing Bowl.

Cataldi took issue with our story yesterday that said that porn actress-turned-politician-turned-reality-show star Mary Carey had been banned from being a Wingette at the Feb. 5 contest at the Wachovia Center.

"If she comes on the show, she'll be a Wingette," Cataldi said yesterday, adding that 80 Wingettes have been selected that way. "I haven't turned down anyone in 18 years because women used to turn me down," he said. "If Mary calls in, she will get a Wingette position."

Yesterday afternoon, Carey told us she plans to call the show.

In yesterday's column, we erred in referring to Chris Weinerman as a co-owner of the World Famous Gold Club (1416 Chancellor), where Carey will dance Feb. 3 to Feb. 6. He is general manager.

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