Sixers' Elton Brand sued by an ex-employee of his computer company

Sixers forward Elton Brand is facing a breach of contract suit from a former employee of his computer company Brand IT.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Cook County, Ill., Robert Mendralla says that Brand fired him and continued to develop a smart phone GPS concept that he and Brand were to partner in.

Brand IT is a division of Brand Enterprises, a California-based corporation with a primary place of business in Illinois. Brand lived in both states while with the Clippers and Bulls.

Brand's agent David Falk did not return several messages we left for him at his office.

Mendralla cites counts of fraudulent inducement and breach of joint-venture agreement in the suit and seeks $10 million in damages, claiming lost revenue, and $30 million in punitive damages.

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UPDATEWe spoke with David Falk this morning about the case.  "I think the allegations are completely without merit. It doesn't cost a lot of money to file a lawsuit and assert claims. It would not be my recommendation to Elton to settle the case and I expect Elton will prevail at trial," Falk told us. 

Falk, who helped turn Michael Jordan into an international marketing brand, says the complaint is full of patently false assertions such as Brand is securing a smart phone deal with Comcast and that his contract stipulates that Comcast-Spectacor would have to do business with any companies Brand owns if employing services similar to those companies. Falk says there is no Comcast deal and that any such provision in Brand’s contract which would be a “gross violation” of NBA rules.

Comcast-Spectacor spokesman Ike Richman also denies Brand's contract contains any such clause.